• Each class is a “stand alone” lesson lasting one hour
  • Fun and enjoyment is key; you learn more when you are relaxed and at ease!
  • The emphasis is on building your confidence, making yourself understood, and improving your understanding of the spoken language
  • The lessons will involve practising good pronunciation, understanding and remembering key phrases and language patterns, and putting all this into practice in a real life context
  • We will learn how to use the language in situations such as shopping, asking the way, ordering a taxi or making a complaint

What my students say

“Thank you…you have proved yourself to be a patient and very effective teacher who is able to make learning fun.”

Neil Hunter (ex headteacher)

“Brilliant and patient teacher. Have learnt so much in 8 weeks!”

Matt Latham 

“Enjoying the lessons hugely. Julia is a great teacher, and I wish French was this enjoyable all those years back in school!”

Matthew Cosgrove

“We felt so confident when speaking French and that for me was a real change.”

June Lawrence